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Message from the Founder:

I have always been an active and athletic person, never sitting still for long periods of time and always looking for an excuse to get outdoors. Throughout college, I never let the harsh winter weather stop me from playing in sports or other outdoor physical activities, but there was always something missing.

I constantly found myself wanting more from my athletic wear. Specifically, I wanted a hoodie that was lightweight and stretchy enough to hold me in during high-impact activities, with superior fabric material for warmth and longevity, but yet cost effective for a college student. In essence, I wanted a hoodie suitable for anything. But, there was never an option that fit that description because the quality apparel was always too expensive for my budget.

I’m well past my college years now, but have noticed that this lack of quality, affordable options persists - not just with hoodies, but across all performance clothing. That’s why we have developed the Kobrelms brand, for people like you and me. Simply stated, this is your product, the people's product. We want you and everyone to feel a sense of ownership and pride in Kobrelms’ products. We aim for each piece of clothing to satisfy our customers’ individual needs, lifestyle and specifications.

Kobrelms is your sportswear - we just make it for you.

About Us Kobrelms

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