Kobrelms Delivers Comfort & Quality to Fit All Fitness Needs

Kobrelms Delivers Comfort & Quality to Fit All Fitness Needs

What We Stand For

 At Kobrelms, our mission is to motivate you to be the best you can be. Whether you’re jogging, lifting weights, exploring the great outdoors, or playing your favorite sport, we want the Kobrelms name to inspire you to work hard in achieving your fitness goals.

We know that fitness takes different forms for different people. From high-intensity workouts to leisurely walks around the neighborhood, our active apparel and accessories are designed to meet the needs of all different exercise levels. Regardless of how you choose to break a sweat, Kobrelms has you covered in premium clothing to help you reach your fitness peak.

“Kobrelms” is more than just a brand name. To break it down, “kob” is derived from “kobus,” an antelope, and “relms” means living a better life by achieving your goals. Putting the two together makes “Kobrelms”- signifying the swift grace of an antelope combined with the uniquely human determination to be your best self. We aim to promote this message through our line of high-quality athletic wear that meets the needs of professional athletes and amateurs alike.

While we never compromise on quality or style, we still manage to keep our clothing cost-effective. If you’re on a budget, you’ll appreciate Kobrelms’ on trend designs, which can also be worn as fashionable athleisure wear – day or night. That means you get the most bang for your buck while staying active, having fun, or just relaxing at home.

 Our Roots

Kobrelms recognizes the difference that premium activewear can make when it comes to your fitness routine. That’s because the company was founded by dedicated athlete, Joseph Yuyi.  Since he was young, Joseph always enjoyed sports and outdoor activities. In college, the harsh winters in the Rocky Mountains quickly taught him that even the most determined athletes could be held back by inadequate quality clothing. It's impossible to fully push your body to its limits in cold weather when your clothes are either too thick and inflexible to allow for proper movement, or too thin and weak to maintain body heat. Unfortunately, as a typical college student who couldn’t afford to splurge on luxury athletic wear, Joseph always felt like something was lacking in his sporting activities.

Even as Joseph grew older, he never forgot how it felt to sacrifice the quality of his workouts for the sake of his wallet. Noticing that excellent athletic wear was out of the price range for many everyday athletes, he resolved to develop an alternative for anyone who strives to live their best life through physical exertion - from college students surviving on a steady diet of instant ramen to working adults who are looking to save money. Thus, Kobrelms was born.

 Our Products

Regardless of what type of clothing you’re looking for, or your athletic abilities, Kobrelms offers products that will help you make the most of the physical activities you love. Our pieces can also be worn as athleisure wear while you lounge, relax, or play in style.

If you enjoy taking long winter hikes where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we’ve got your back (and your front) with outerwear that keeps Jack Frost from sapping all your body heat. At the same time, our clothes are also breathable enough to prevent you from overheating.

Can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush that comes from a good outdoor run? Don't let the weather forecast ruin your plans. We offer a wide variety of headwear to provide protection through all four seasons. You can choose from caps that shield your eyes and skin from the sun in the spring and summer, beanies that toe the problematic line between freezing and sweating in the crisp winds of fall and winter, and full coverage headwear with a face mask to make even the cruelest of winter runs, bearable.

For those who prefer to spend the colder months inside the gym, we also understand the importance of a similar balance when it comes to weightlifting. Our bottoms have a leg up on the competition when it comes to balancing breathability to keep you from drowning in sweat, with the durability to survive long-lasting wear and washes.

We know that every part of the body plays a role in a good workout, that includes your ears! Whether you like to work out to classic rock, hip hop, or the sound of zombies chasing you, our line of wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are designed to motivate you with secure yet comfortable materials and noise-canceling features to help you get in your “fired up” zone.

Our products are designed to destroy the limits of your workouts. They come in fashion-forward styles for men, women, and kids so people of all ages can feel confident to give it their all. Please take a look at our catalog to find the perfect pieces to meet your fitness goals.

 Our Promise

Kobrelms exists to break down barriers like gender, age, and income while uniting all athletes as a hardworking, goal-oriented community. Just as you continuously strive to improve yourself through your workouts, we’re always aiming to improve our products and we’re always open to your feedback.

Whoever you are and whatever exercise you enjoy, Kobrelms is here to help you celebrate all that your body can do. When you’re sporting our athletic wear, we know you’ll feel motivated to get FIRED UP.

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